POSTPONED – International Family Day 17.10.2021

!!! Event postponed. If you are interested in taking part, contact Ewelina.

Dear Families!

❤️ We invite you to join our community! We miss you! Our dream is to have a multicultural family community where kids of different languages can easily play and be together and grow in the culture of unity in diversity.

🗺 This is why we want to let you know about us by inviting you to our place. Perhaps, in the long run, it is a place for your family or friends.. 🙂 We want to create a real community of people that rely on relations rather than “sell-pay services”.

Our values are community, freedom, respect, communication and solving problems together. We want to communicate in NVC in every relation – team, parents and kids.

You can read more on our philosophy here:

To make the first step, we want to invite you to spend Sunday afternoon with us. People that visit us give us feedback saying that this is an amazing place for kids and adults… You can make your own opinion on it 😃

🤹‍♀️ We want to create this event as a community. It is why we invite you to come as an active participant – with a bunch of books 📚 in your language, your national flag, costume, musical instrument, snacks or stories… Come with whatever and whoever you like and want 🙂

We hope it will be community time to get to know more people, to make new, international friendships and just relax in nature that is really beautiful here.The whole event is free and open air, at our big yard.

You can register here:

Polish Families! You ARE invited for this event too! This is for ALL of us!

⏳ Our draft agenda (you all are invited to make it):

🕑 14.00-14.30 welcoming and stands preparation

We invite you to prepare your own corner and present your culture: language lessons, food degustation, photos, national costumes, games, quiz “How well do you know my country”, music, whatever you can come up with and want to share with us 🙂

🕒 14.30-15.30 BOOK CORNER
Bring and then read or present the book in your own language 🙂

🕒 15.00-16.00 FLAG PAINTING
Let’s paint flags of our countries on the long wall.

October 17 is a remembrance and action day of sensitivity and care on how to fight poverty. Let’s prepare an installation on what to do with the poverty that touches some of us.

🕓16.00 – 18.00 CAMPFIRE
Campfires are a tradition of our place. We will have apples 🍎, potatoes 🥔and campfire sticky buns 🥖. And we invite you to bring some food 🍉– either for you, or for the “common table” how we call it 🙂

🕔 17.00-18.00 CHARADES AND MUSIC
Let’s play charades!
If some musical people come, there will also be time to sing and play musical instruments by the campfire. You can teach us your country songs. 🎸

Hope to see you and all the best for you!

If any questions, thoughts – call Ewelina +48 781 952 020.